Setting Solid Strategy: The Simple Process for Developing a Strong Strategic Plan

evolvedMD Strategic Planning Session
  • Infrastructure + Operations — Initiatives that will increase the infrastructure within the organization (think: IT, finance, project management, SOPs, etc.).
  • Sales + Marketing — Initiatives that directly drive revenue (think: go-to-market strategy, business development plan, customer experience framework, marketing plan, etc.).
  • Product Development + Refinement — Initiatives focused on launching or optimizing a product (think: product/services innovations, enhancements, strategic collaborations, etc.).
  • People — Initiatives to strengthen your #1 asset, your people (think: recruitment and retention strategies, professional development, setting and elevating culture, etc.).
  • Brand Awareness — Initiatives to elevate your company’s brand (think: content marketing plan, executive branding, strategic partnerships, etc.)
  • High Level — What impact do you want your department (pillar) to have on evolvedMD and the industry as a whole? What are the individual initiatives that will drive success in that pillar? What risks will you need to mitigate and manage?
  • Tactical — What are the specific deliverables, key objectives, and milestones for each initiative? Where and how will you prioritize? What is everyone’s specific role?
  • What initiative(s) will be the most impactful?
  • What initiative(s) require additional clarity?
  • What deliverable, KPI, milestone, and/or partner(s) is missing from each initiative?
  • What is missing from this pillar overall?
  • What are you most excited for in this pillar?
evolvedMD strategic leadership planning
A snapshot of evolvedMD’s strategic plan



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Sentari Minor

Sentari Minor


Sentari Minor is a Phoenix-based social impact advocate most passionate about bringing the best out of individuals and entities.