Branding for Impact: How Companies Can Leverage MarComms for Mental Health

My MarComms team at evolvedMD’s All Team Gathering 2022

Consistent, Purpose-Driven Branding

As a leading behavioral health company, we built a brand with self-care in mind, establishing from the beginning that wellness and a commitment to mental health were paramount. Our culture statement reads: “Culture drives us, community inspires us. Work-life balance and self-care aren’t just buzz phrases; they are engrained in our ethos. We ensure that our employees are supported and empowered to love the work they do, so they can love life too.”

Empowering our employees and community to take charge on Mental Health Action Day in May 2022

Internal Initiatives + Communications

If you’re not already, there are simple strategies to implement that will make your employees feel heard and appreciated. With a mix of communications and intentional initiatives, we have thoughtfully created a culture of transparency and psychological safety that reduces stigma and normalizes mental health. These efforts include:

An Employee Spotlight from a recent Friday Note

External Marketing

From our website, to social media, to how we engage in the community both locally and nationally, you will find evolvedMD constantly evangelizing mental health and wellness focusing on topics such as preventing burnout, promoting psychological safety, and the business case for employee mental health.

Crystal Sulit, one of evolvedMD’s Behavioral Health Managers, prioritizing self-care and work-life balance



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Sentari Minor

Sentari Minor


Sentari Minor is a Phoenix-based social impact advocate most passionate about bringing the best out of individuals and entities.